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Comprehensive Dental Care

Every effort is made to ensure that our patients make well-informed choices and achieve the best results possible, all within a comfortable and confidential setting.

Your smile matters. Whether you are interested in developing a long-term plan for prevention or you have an immediate concern that needs to be addressed, you can feel good about the care you receive in our Park City general and cosmetic dentistry office. We take time to explain the findings of your examination, and to discuss all possible treatment options with you so you can confidently choose the best approach for your unique needs.

Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive dental services help you maintain healthy teeth and gums and a winning smile. Coming to the dentist for cleanings is an essential part of keeping your mouth healthy and preventing decay and disease. In addition, exams aid in the early detection of any developing problems, so you can be treated for any problems sooner and more effectively.

During regular hygiene appointments, we examine your teeth and conduct a deep, professional cleaning, which can include treatments such as sealants, fluoride and other preventive measures.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are quickly becoming the standard in dental imaging.

Digital x-rays allow the doctor to get a much better view of your teeth and potential dental conditions. The digital imaging software allows the doctor to see a number of different views of the tooth to gain a better understanding of the proper course of management. Digital x-rays provide a great benefit to the patient. Not only are they an excellent diagnostic tool, but they decrease radiation to the patient by over 80%.


Teeth Cleanings

We perform thorough and gentle teeth cleanings and check the condition of the supporting soft gum tissue. We use a sonic scaler which is an instrument that helps remove heavy tartar build up and stains. Regular teeth cleanings are necessary to keep your gums and surrounding bone around your teeth healthy.

Dentistry For Children

Your child should have regular dental appointments and check-ups scheduled about every six months to be sure no cavities or other problems develop. We treat children from age 3 years old and up. During the appointments, we will talk with you about your child’s oral health and hygiene, including teething, fluoride, brushing and flossing, cavities, sealants and orthodontics.


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