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Teeth whitening (also known as Teeth Bleaching involves the use of a special LED light and application of a special whitening gel at the dental office to whiten the teeth in about 1.5 Hours. The new Zoom WhiteSpeed LED Light is the latest and most effective whitening process available on the market. Walk-in with stained or discolored teeth and walk out with a Beautiful Smile!

We offer a one visit whitening process using the new Zoom WhiteSpeed LED Light. The older Zoom light used an ultraviolet light. The New Zoom WhiteSpeed uses an LED Light which is more comfortable during the Zoom Whitening process. Dr. Stevens is always looking for improvements in technology to give his patients the best results.

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It’s that fast & that easy!

You can also learn more about New Zoom WhiteSpeed at www.zoomnow.com

Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits

A dentist can also take molds of your teeth and make trays that fit your teeth. You are then given the trays by the dentist and a take home bleaching gel. You wear the trays 1-2 hours per day for 2 weeks. This can help whiten your teeth. However, home whitening takes longer and is usually not as effective as Zoom teeth whitening.

Take Home Professional Whitening Strips

Dr. Stevens also offers the Crest Supreme Professional Whitening strips as a take home whitening system. These strips are placed by the patient at home and are worn for 20 minutes, twice per day for 2 weeks. These are more effective then the store bought version of the crest strips. The Crest Supreme Professional Whitening strips are not as effective as Zoom. However, when using Zoom and the Supreme Professional Whitening strips afterwards gives you the nicest result. Teeth whitening should only be done under the supervision of a dentist.

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