Bite Guards

What Are Bite Guards?

Some people clench their teeth usually while sleeping. They start grinding their teeth. The technical term is Bruxism. What happens next is they start wearing down their enamel. They can develop jaw soreness, clicking and popping in their Jaw Joint. The jaw joint is the temporal mandibular joint (TMJ). The teeth become shorter and more sensitive. The persons bite begins to collapse. In severe cases, teeth grinders need to get crowns placed on all their teeth which can be costly.


The simplest way to deal with this problem is to have a bite guard also known as an occlusal guard made by your dentist. The dentist takes impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Dr. Stevens uses a local dental laboratory in Upland, CA to fabricate a professional bite guard that you wear at night. The Bite guard protects your teeth. This helps preserve your enamel. This is a simple and economic alternative to losing your enamel.

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