Month: August 2013

Dentists in San Dimas, CA

Dr. Bryan Stevens Dental Office is in Upland. Many of his patients come from San Dimas to see him. His patients like to know that he will be the same dentists that will always them at each of their visits.

Dentists in Claremont, CA

Dr. Bryan Stevens dental office is located in Upland, CA. Many of his patients come from Claremont, CA to see him.

Benefits of Fluoride by Dr. Bryan Stevens in Upland, CA

Fluoride is a chemical compound. There are many benefits to fluoride. First, it helps protect teeth from decay. Second, it helps protect exposed teeth roots from decay as well. Third, it helps reduce generalized teeth sensitivity.  Dr. Stevens recommends to many of his patients to get 1 professional fluoride applications done at the dentist every 6 months.

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