The Reason Why You Need to See a Dentist Every 6 Months, Upland, CA

When you go to the dentist to get a checkup and teeth cleaning you are getting more done than you think.  Getting a teeth cleaning is not just to make your teeth look better. When you eat, food gets stuck on your teeth and on and under the gum tissue.  Bacteria in your mouth eats your left over food that you ate and then begins the problems. Once that bacteria is fed, it stimulates the bacteria to start irritating your gums.  Then the bacteria begins to eat your gums and bone. When you get your teeth cleaned, the dentist removes the food particles that you miss from brushing and flossing in order to starve the bacteria. When you brush and floss, you miss areas of removing food particles that the bacteria want to eat that only the dentist can get.  At your checkup the dentist also checks your teeth for cavities and also checks the inside soft tissue as well. So next time, you think you want wait a little longer before you go to the dentist, you may be losing gum and bone tissue by waiting. That is a scary thought.

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