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Teeth Grinding

Some people grind their teeth usually while sleeping. This wears down the enamel. It is usually a stress related habit. To help protect the teeth from further enamel wear, a Bite Guard is recommended. It is also known as an occlusal guard. The Dentist takes impressions or moulds of your teeth. The Dental Lab makes …

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ZOOM Teeth whitening with excellent results

Our office is using the latest version of Zoom in office teeth whitening with excellent results. If your looking for a way to improve your smile, Zoom teeth whitening has helped many patients of Dr. Bryan Stevens have whiter teeth and a better smile.

Clean Dental Water Lines in Upland, CA

Dr. Stevens uses Distilled water with a mild disinfectant in his dental unit waterlines. Many offices in the area use City water which is not as pure. Visit Dr. Stevens Dental Office for a truly wonderful experience.

Dental effects of smoking

There are negative effects on your teeth and mouth from smoking.  Number one, your gum tissue and underlying bone slowly starts to recede,  in otherwords it dissolves.  Second, you are much more likely to get cancer in the soft tissues of your mouth. Third,  tooth colored fillings tend to wear down faster.  For the benefit of your dental and …

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Benefits of Professionally applied Fluoride Gel in Upland, CA

Dental Fluoride Helps strengthen your enamel and make your teeth less susceptible to the bacteria that cause tooth decay.  Also, Fluoride can help reduce sensitivity in teeth that are sensitive. Dentists apply a professional application that is more effective than the fluoride in regular toothpaste. Both adults and children benefit from the Flouride Gel. Dr. …

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A simple first visit to the Dentist in Upland, CA

When you call Dr. Stevens dental office to make your first appointment, his staff will get your insurance information. A staff member will find out your insurance benefit breakdown. You will then know your insurance benefits to make your first visit simple. Call our office at 909-373-7743 to schedule your first visit.

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