Comfortable Flexible partial Dentures in Upland

Dr. Bryan Stevens works with a local dental laboratory to make comfortable flexible partial dentures. These dentures have no metal in them, feel comfortable and look really nice. If you feel like you would like a nice new partial denture orĀ  new complete denture, call our office.

Advantages of Metal Free Partial Dentures.

Dr. Stevens works with a local Dental Lab to make Partial Dentures without metal in most of his cases. Instead of having metal clasps, the partial dentures have acrylic clasps that look much nicer and feel more comfortable. If your tired of your worn metal partial denture, give Dr. Stevens office a call to see […]

Excellent Customer Service

At Dr. Bryan Stevens office, he and his staff offer excellent customer service to his patients. They are all friendly and do their best to make your experience at his office a pleasant one. He offers Saturday and evening appointments during the week.

Regular Dental Cleanings Benefits

Going to get regular teeth cleanings have many benefits. First, it helps to reduce gum recession. Second, it helps reduce bone loss. Third it reduces bad breath. Third, it keeps your gums healthy. Fourth, it lets your Dentist with early detection of teeth problems as well. See the Dentist at least twice a year for […]


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