ZOOM Teeth whitening with excellent results

Our office is using the latest version of Zoom in office teeth whitening with excellent results. If your looking for a way to improve your smile, Zoom teeth whitening has helped many patients of Dr. Bryan Stevens have whiter teeth and a better smile.

Not just any teeth cleaning

When patients come to Dr. Stevens office for a checkup and teeth cleaning, they get much more. Dr. Stevens spends the time to do a thorough teeth cleaning and exam and removes most and many cases  all stains. People come from miles away to get that special teeth cleaning and customer service.

Dental Implants in Upland

Dental Implants are a nice way to replace missing teeth for most people. If your interested in having a consult with Dr. Stevens to hear more about it, contact our office at (909) 373-7743.

Dentist: Dr. Bryan Stevens has the new Zoom White Speed LED Light

Dr. Bryan Stevens has the new Zoom White Speed LED teeth whitening light used in the Zoom Teeth Whitening process. The new light uses an LED light vs the old Ultraviolet light. The new light is more comfortable to patients during the Zoom whitening process.

Clean Dental Water Lines in Upland, CA

At Dr. Stevens dental office in Upland, his dental unit which contains the water used in dentistry is a modern unit which uses distilled water verses some offices use tap water.  Distilled water is cleaner and safer.  Ask your dentist, if they use distilled water in their dental unit.

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